And my gaze flicked to them in

Of concern as he scrutinized my face. I reeled back and scraped at the sand to get away from him. He was not human. He was something else – something infinitely dangerous. His arms shot forward and he grabbed my hips and swiveled me around so that my back was pressed against his chest and his thighs pressed against my hips. Again, he placed the palms of his hands on my face. Lexie, listen to me! You have to breathe. I tried to struggle from his grip, but my body was too yahoo weak to obey. You have to breathe, he repeated. His voice was so clear, almost as if he was inside my head. I tried to take a breath, but the pressure on my chest increased and I arched my back. Chai's left arm encircled my buy instagram followers waist pulling me closer to him. He kept one hand pressed to my face as he held me close to him. He said something in a language I couldn't understand. sounded soft and musical instagram and he kept repeating the words. Warmth filled me - a soft and caressing smoke that drifted inside me, filling every corner of me with its soothing heat. The roaring in my head slowly subsided and I could feel air filling my lungs. That's my girl, Chai said as I inhaled deeply. Is she okay? a voice asked and I stiffened. Chai kept me securely pressed against him and I couldn't move even if I wanted to. She's in shock he answered and his voice buy instagram followers sounded different than a moment ago – it was farther away and not as clear as before. I opened my eyes and the blonde boy loomed above us, his brow furrowed as he watched me. Where's Arianna? Chai asked keeping me buy instagram followers pinned to him, as if he was afraid I would run if he let go of me. She's finishing up, the blonde mass of muscles answered and pointed a finger towards the truck. The raven haired warrior princess moved toward a young soldier standing against the truck with a knife in her hand, the blade smeared with blood. Terror tore through my soul as I recognized the soldier. It was the same boy that guarded me last night and gave me the water to drink. I didn't think any energy was left in me, but the last remaining drops sped through my veins and I pushed myself away from Chai, catching him off-guard. I didn't know how I moved so quickly but in seconds I was standing before Arianna shielding the boy from her. If you touch him, buy instagram followers I'll take you down. My voice cracked and sounded foreign to my own ears. I could barely keep myself upright, but I was prepared to fight her with my last breath. Arianna cocked her head to one side buy instagram followers and smiled. She was breathtakingly beautiful, her features absolutely perfect. Her eyes were as blue as sapphires against her olive skin. I like her. She's puny for a human, but she's got guts, she said and flicked her long hair over her shoulder. She inspected me from head to toe. It's okay, Erich said behind me. I glanced at him over my shoulder. His lip was split and there was blood smeared on his face and hands. His hair was even messier than before and he looked incredibly young. Way too young to be caught up in the middle of a war. He instagram gave me a lopsided smile. I'm giving him his knife back, Arianna added. Chai had joined her and stood watching me warily as if